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Custom Engineered Energy & Water Plans

LED Done Right

Lighting retrofits and design build specs are integral parts of energy savings. But, lighting is NOT a plug and play type of technology. 

Our partners patented LED lighting technology and will customize a solution specific for your facility. The right light fixture, installed properly, designed correctly for the space and maintained will lead to huge cost savings.

Solar Maximized

Only produce the amount of energy that you really need! Solar energy production is a brilliant technology but it must be right sized to pay off.

Our energy engineering team will custom design your system based on the optimized about of electric consumption for your facility. Don't pay for panels you don't need. 

Smart Controls

Computers do rule the world and they should manage all aspects of your facility. Smart controls will minimize energy and water consumption from lights, HVAC systems, machinery and equipment, faucets and valves and more.

Smart controls ensure that you are only paying for what you need to use. If it is not being used, it should be off. 

Precious Water

Water is a limited commodity. Production is very difficult so conservation is critical. There are so many water conservation technologies available so get an expert on your side.

Controls, valves, flow control and limiting air in the pipes will reap big rewards for innovative consumers. Our water engineers will design a custom plan for your facility independent of product brand bias.

Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling is one of the leading sources of energy consumption. Comfort, performance and money are factors that drive your business.


New high-efficiency equipment is not always the answer. Building Management Systems (BMS) , AI software, coil coating and controls all need to be designed into the facility optimization standard.